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You Can Make a Difference


Hello everyone, I hope all is well with you. I’ve had a busy week at work, plus I’m dealing with back to school stuff with the kiddos so I’m feeling a little ragged this evening. This summer certainly went by fast. I didn’t get everything accomplished that I wanted to, but that’s okay. I had a lot of fun with my kiddos, and we made lots of memories. Making memories is an important goal, too. 🙂

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I hope your summer went well and you were able to recharge your batteries. Many memorable things happened this season, and one of them was the grand jury report detailing the sexual abuse of over a thousand victims by three hundred priests in Pennsylvania.

The stories are starting to come out. There was the movie “Spotlight” that told the tale of the priests in Boston who abused children and got away with it. Then there was the documentary “The Keepers.”  This story started out as an investigation of the death of one of the Nuns who taught at  Baltimore’s Archbishop Keough  High School. Sister Cathy was murdered and the crime remains unsolved to this day.

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Two of her former students (Gemma Hoskins and Abbie Schaub) decided to investigate the murder, and they uncovered horrible abuse of students by the priests running the school. The school they attended. These women believe she was murdered because she found out about the abuse and threatened to take the information to the authorities.

They still don’t know who committed the crime, and it may never be solved because many of the people who know the truth have died. However, all is not lost.  Gemma and Abbie have started a movement across the country. More and more victims are finding the courage to speak out and the horrendous abuse is being exposed. It has also come to light that the Catholic Church moved these guilty priests to different parishes where they continued their victimization. The church did nothing to protect these innocent children.

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It’s upsetting to think about especially since very few of the perpetrators of this abuse have gone to prison. That’s the part that upsets me. These abusers destroy lives and then get away with it because the statute of limitations has run out. That’s a total crock.

When is this country going to understand that we need to be protecting our children above everything else?

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I mean the church is supposed to be our moral compass and look what they are? A bunch of pedophiles who use their religion to hunt for prey. And what’s worse? Their superiors covered it up and allowed the perpetrators to go on abusing. This makes me sick.

However, there is a bright light in all of this. Times are changing and the support the victims are receiving from all over the world is amazing. The two women who’re investigating Sister Cathy’s death have formed a Facebook group where survivors and supporters can come together. There are literally thousands of members in this group. People from all over the world can discuss theories, share information, and support each other. It’s nothing short of phenomenal.

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And there’s a snowball effect happening. More and more victims are coming forward and more and more priests are being outed. I know the progress is slow and may not be enough for some people, but some progress is better than none. The efforts of these two women are bringing about reform so this type of victimization will never happen again. It could even topple the Catholic Church. And that wouldn’t be a bad thing. They’ve abused their power. They don’t deserve to have it any longer.

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So at the end of the day, when you’re feeling small and insignificant and you just don’t think what you do makes a difference, think of these two women and how their efforts have snowballed into something great. Then raise you’re weary head, take a deep breath, and strive forward. Carry on sweet warrior. The battle is long and hard, but it is worth the fight.

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27 thoughts on “You Can Make a Difference

  1. So true, Lisa. Change can happen with just one person or two. It is about time that this is gaining momentum as we have known for years that this abuse was happening and there was grand scale cover-up. I love, too, that there is a support group that is encouraging more victims to speak up.

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Snuffy. Yes. It’s so good to see people pulling together like this. In the wake of all that is bad in the world, there is still some good. 🙂

  2. I agree. The pain of the past is becoming real. My stomach turns when I read about it and I have plenty to read here in Ireland. The pope is in Ireland today and we wait to hear what he has to say to the victims- of which there are FAR too many x

  3. Monsters who abuse their power and position to scar children deserve a stern punitive action. I wonder what prevents those people to cover up such crimes! Seems like they could be hand and glove with each other. My blood boils when I read about such perpetrators.
    Thanks for highlighting this story Lisa. It is heartening to note that we are waking up to the dirty truth behind the so called “moral compasses”…who knows since when!!

    1. Thanks for stopping by Balroop! I appreciate your indignation over this atrocity. I can’t wait to see some of these clergy members going to jail. That’s the next step, in my opinion. 🙂

      1. You are right Lisa, no crime should go unpunished. You must have heard of a former police officer getting caught now and facing several charges of rape and murder he committed in 70s. Hope is always shimmering.

  4. Another insightful and informative post, Lisa. I believe all religions have their share of abuse. Many pedophiles disguised as priests will have their day on their deathbeds, where I’m sure it won’t be as rosy as what they preached. BTW – my aunt got propositioned while in confession back in the 40s. Not a bright spot on the Catholic church, which needs a darn good shake up. Cheers!

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Sharon! You are so right. The Catholic church does need a shake up. I’m hoping the whole institution falls soon. I’m How frightening for your aunt.

  5. In a similar development, here in India many gurus have been put in jail for sexual abuse of young girls. Not just one but many during the last few years. Being a prominent persona they have been able to carry this for many years. Fact is these people use religion as a mask. Let’s not accept​ such events. People need to be educated to weed out such people.

    1. You are so right, Arv! I’m so glad that the gurus in India have gone to jail. Unfortunately, here in the states the majority of these abusers have never been punished. That’s the part that’s so upsetting. Thanks for stopping by. I appreciate your thoughts. 🙂

      1. Lisa, step one is to stop such event from taking place in the first place. It is important to punish the offender and ensure it doesn’t happen again. Offenders should get a strong message. I hope that offenders are prosecuted and justice is not denied to the sufferers.

  6. Nice post Lisa, The same old song and dance from the Catholic Church that I’ve read about before, they promise to take care of the problem then sweep it under the rug as fast as they can to not tarnish the church’s reputation and the purpertraters just get off scott free.
    I hope this time someone throw the book at the holl lot of them !!! 😠


  7. I hope this horrible story is the one that brings an end to the Catholic Church. If these monsters can’t be brought to justice then they should at the very least have all their power taken away!!

    In other news, I had a wonderful summer. First family holiday away and we have successfully potty trained my youngest, so we no longer have nappies in the house during the day!

  8. I hope that the victims can get some sort of justice for these horrendous crimes. These students show that it’s important to speak out and give a voice to victims – a movement can be started. Abuse has happened not only within the Catholic Church for hundreds of years and I firmly believe it should be uncovered and stopped. However, I don’t hope that the Catholic Church is brought to an end – the abuse of power and injustice absolutely but not the entire Church.

    1. I hear you, Rachel. It just bothers me that they church covered up these crimes and did nothing to help the victims. The church is supposed to be there for them not exploit them.

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