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Movie Review: The Whale

Hello everyone, I hope all is well with you. I’m back today after a week of work and writing and chilly weather. We had another school shooting in Tennessee, but I didn’t want to write about that today because it upset me, and I’d just be repeating myself anyway. I wanted to write about something a little more thought provoking. It was wet and rainy on Friday the 31st so I hunkered down and watched another great movie.

I watched the movie “Whale.” I wanted to see why Brendan Fraser received the Oscar for that movie, and after watching it, he definitely deserved it. It’s the heartbreaking story of an obese man. We get to see why he’s obese. Why he let himself get that way.

Click the link above to watch the trailer.

It’s a story about heartbreak, and it’s a good lesson in giving grace to people. We don’t know their stories. In the movie, Charlie (the main character) falls in love with another man. He leaves his wife and daughter for this man. His name is Alan.

The Whale, Movie Review: The Whale, Brendan Fraser, Lisa Orchard

There’s a bitter custody battle over the daughter that he loses. As a consequence, he hasn’t seen his daughter in nine years. He regrets leaving her and would like to reconnect. He offers her all the money in his bank account if she’ll spend time with him. She wants the money, so she agrees.

We learn that Alan committed suicide and Charlie has never gotten over that loss. Alan’s father was a religious man who could not accept his homosexual son. So, he kicked Alan out of the church and the family. Alan also has guilt over being gay and grappled with this because he felt it was against his religion. The only way he could deal with it was to jump off a bridge.

There are many messages in this movie, but the biggest one is acceptance. If parents could accept their children as they are we’d have less suicides. If society could learn to accept differences there’d be less strife in the world.

This was an amazing movie, and it moved me to tears. My oldest happened to enter the room when I was watching it, and he sat down and watched it with me. That made me happy. I wanted him to see that everyone has a story, and everyone deserves grace even if we’re disgusted by them.

Thanks for reading my post. I encourage you to see this movie. It was very well done, and Brendan Fraser did an excellent job. It opens your eyes to the bigger picture. How about you, have you seen a movie recently that affected you this way? Leave a comment! I’d love to hear from you!


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10 thoughts on “Movie Review: The Whale

  1. Belfast made me think of tolerance and acceptance. A good book that touched on those themes as well as the LGBTQ community was Holding Up the Sky by Rebecca Alasdair.

  2. Oh, that movie is definitely on my must watch list, Lisa! Thanks for the review, girlfriend!

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