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Stress Relief for the Holidays

Hello everyone, I hope all is well with you. I’ve had a busy week of working, shopping, and sneaking in a little bit of writing. It’s busier during the holidays for me, so I haven’t been able to write as much as I like to.  

But enough about that. Today, I’d like to talk about dealing with stress during the holidays. It gets busier during the Christmas season and the first thing to go is our self-care routine.

Part of my self-care routine is exercising. I run, but since I’ve developed runner’s hip, I’ve taken up the elliptical machine to give my hip a rest. But I digress, any type of exercise this time of year is an excellent stress reliever. It gets those endorphins pumping.

Another way to relieve stress is to take a few minutes and read a book. Reading for just fifteen minutes has been proven to reduce your stress level by sixty-eight percent. I love reading especially in the winter in front of the fire. It’s a great way to shut the world off and relax.

Hiking is another way to relieve stress. Just getting out into nature and breathing the fresh air clears the cobwebs, and it’s healthy for you too. Hiking in the woods is great because you’re moving and releasing those endorphins, but also because you’re in nature and the trees release phytoncides that we breathe in. These organic compounds boost our immune system. It just goes to show you we’re all connected with the earth, so we should be taking care of it, but that’s another blog post for another time.

Some people take up knitting or crocheting to relieve stress. I haven’t done this, but I’ve heard it’s an excellent way to relax. I’ve taken up painting, but since I’ve been writing, I haven’t had time to paint like I want to. I need to practice and strengthen my skills there. I’ll never be an artist, but it’s fun to take a break and paint.

Another excellent way to relieve stress is yoga. How could I forget yoga? It’s a great way to stretch those muscles and relieve the stress of sitting at a desk all day. I’ve always found yoga has relaxed me, and made me more aware at the same time.

So there, you have it. Some stress relieving activities for the holidays. What are some of the ways you relieve stress? Leave a comment! I’d love to hear from you!


I'm a Young Adult Author with two new series, "The Starlight Chronicles" and "The Super Spies." The first one's a coming of age series and the second one's a mystery/thriller series. I'm also the mother of two boys who keep me hopping and they're my inspiration for everything. When I'm not shuttling my boys to school or a play date, I'm writing. When I'm not writing, I'm reading, hiking, or sometimes running. I love anything chocolate and scary movies too.

21 thoughts on “Stress Relief for the Holidays

  1. I think it’s so important. I take some time for just me every day. sitting, reading, solving puzzles, music, and bath. all calming activities for me

    1. Good for you! It’s great that you make stress relief a priority especially during this time of year. Thanks for sharing your go to activities with all of us. I hope you have a Merry Christmas. ❤

  2. Great ways to destress for over the holidays, Lisa. Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas and all the best in 2023! Cheers, girlfriend!

  3. Hiking and yoga are a good way to destress. I don’t think reading a book works for me.
    I prefer walking in open area than using machines but I guess you live in a different climatic condition and getting outdoor might not be feasible many times.

    1. I agree with you, Arv. I like getting outside as much as possible, too. There’s nothing like fresh air and sunshine, but during the winter months it’s a little hard to do. I’m glad to hear you like to hike, you live in a breathtaking country. Thanks for stopping by, I hope you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. ❤

      1. I’m glad we are on the same page. I really hope someday you can visit Jaipur. Have a great holidays, Merry Christmas to all of you. 🙂

  4. Love your ideas, Lisa! I enjoy taking part in holiday activities around town, like local maker marts and the tree lighting, along with ice skating, watching holiday movies and celebrating holiday traditions. It’s so important to enjoy this wonderful time of year amidst all of the hustle and bustle!

    1. I agree! I love your ideas, too. Especially watching holiday movies. My favorite is “Love Actually.” I will definitely have to watch it this week. I hope you have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Thanks for stopping by!

  5. I especially need to get some yoga back into my life! Great for stress-reducing and aches and pains reducing. My hips are my trouble spots, too, from a youth in ballet. I am always sure to stretch each night before bed, which is a small thing that makes a huge difference. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and that you’re enjoying a stress-free day-after. We had a pipe burst in our living room ceiling yesterday evening–the kind of Christmas gift an old house gives you during cold weather! I’m trying not to stress too much as I wait for the insurance company to call me back. Ugh.

    1. We didn’t get to celebrate Christmas because we had bad roads and I didn’t want anyone driving on them to get to my house. We’re celebrating later this week. The roads should be clear by then. I’m so sorry to hear about a burst pipe especially in the winter. I hope your insurance company calls soon. I hope you had a Merry Christmas in spite of the burst pipe. I also hope you have a Happy New Year!

  6. Ugh, this cold snap is really something else, huh? I’m so sorry you had to postpone your festivities. I hope you have a good time with friends and family later this week, Lisa. And, yes, Happy New Year! We will just have to make it so, right?

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