Posted in Personal, September 11th

Never Forget

Hello everyone, I hope all is well with you. I’ve had a busy week of writing and working, but enough about that. Yesterday, was September 11th. As I thought back to where I was when I heard the Twin Towers had been hit, it feels like it happened just yesterday. I was driving to work when I heard about it on the radio. It was hard to work that day, but somehow, I managed to get through it.  

I’m humbled by all the heroic people who stepped up to help that day and the days that followed. From the ferryboat drivers who picked up people who were stranded on the island to the firefighters who climbed those stairs to get people out. Then there was Daisy a service dog who led responders again and again to where people were trapped.

We really do come together as a nation during a crisis. Let’s strive to honor everyone who gave their lives on that day, by striving to come together now and fix our broken system. This meme says it all.

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