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Technology’s Effect on our World

Hello everyone, I hope all is well with you. I’ve been busy working and writing this week and I’m making progress on my WIP. I’m seeing a light at the end of the tunnel.

But enough about that. Today, I’d like to talk about technology and it’s impact on our society. I had a class reunion this weekend and I got to see friends I haven’t seen in a long time. It was nice to catch up and walk down memory lane with them. Some of them, I’ve been able to connect with on social media and chat via messenger with them. It’s a great way to reestablish old connections.

With social media it’s easy to stay connected and catch up via chats, but there’s nothing like face-to-face interaction. I worry about our future generations where most communication will take place via the computer. I’m worried because I feel they won’t have the ability to read facial cues when talking with their peers because they won’t have enough practice with real life communication.

I’m also worried because I feel our young people don’t get enough physical activity. I see my kids and their friends spending so much time in front of a computer that they’re not getting enough exercise. Childhood obesity is on the rise and I feel the main reasons are the added sugars in our processed foods and the fact they’re not physically active.

So, even though technology has given us the ability to make connections over many thousands of miles, it has had a negative effect on our health, and it has also made our in real life connections more fragile because social media’s main goal is to keep us engaged.

They don’t want us to leave their site. So, they place items in our feeds to keep us there. Different articles on things we’ve liked. For example, if I like a random picture of an elephant, I’ll find more elephant pictures and articles showing up in my feed. There’s a documentary on this phenomenon called “The Social Dilemma.” If you haven’t seen it, you need to watch it. It’s on Netflix and it explains this whole process.

How about you? Do you feel technology has had a negative impact on our physical and mental health? Leave a comment! I’d love to hear from you!


I'm a Young Adult Author with two new series, "The Starlight Chronicles" and "The Super Spies." The first one's a coming of age series and the second one's a mystery/thriller series. I'm also the mother of two boys who keep me hopping and they're my inspiration for everything. When I'm not shuttling my boys to school or a play date, I'm writing. When I'm not writing, I'm reading, hiking, or sometimes running. I love anything chocolate and scary movies too.

7 thoughts on “Technology’s Effect on our World

  1. As I sit here in my office, behind my computer, I can say YES to your question. But, also, this is how I do all my work–so I’m often stuck here. Thankfully the new puppy, and my kids, get me outside more than I used to be!

    1. Glad to hear you’re getting outside more. I too am stuck behind a computer, but I try to get outside a couple of times a day and when I run that’s outside, too. Thanks for stopping by, Rebecca and sharing your thoughts. I appreciate you!

  2. Oh, yes! Social media has definitely led us down the rabbit hole, Lisa. It should only be used as a tool, not a lifestyle. Pre-Covid, I was much more anxious trying to keep up with the hustle culture which social media fed. Now, I’m more relaxed, and have jumped off the crazy roundabout. Great post! Enjoy the last week of August! Cheers!

    1. Thanks for stopping by Sharon and sharing your thoughts. I’m glad you’re much more relaxed and I like your line Social media should be a tool not a lifestyle. That says it all right there! 🙂

  3. My biggest fear is the increasing lack of privacy. I’m not talking about Googling things or shopping online (I’m not doing anything people can’t see), but Orwell’s 1984 has haunted me ever since I read it as a kid. I fear we might be headed toward that kind of technology where people literally have to hide, even in their own homes, to escape it.

    1. You bring up a very good point that I haven’t even touched on. Privacy is a huge issue and I can see where that could happen. Wow. Maybe another topic for another blog post. Thanks for opening my eyes to the issue.

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