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There is No Planet B

Hello everyone, I hope all is well with you. I’m back today after a busy week at work and rewriting one of the first scenes in my story. I like it much better, but I’m going to have to go through and tweak a few more scenes, but that’s okay. It’ll be worth it in the end.

May be an image of map and text that says 'FRIENDLY REMINDER: THERE IS NO PLANET B.'

But enough about that. In honor of Earth Day, I’d like to talk about humans and their effect on the earth. After watching shows like “Erin Brockovich,” “Dark Waters,” “The Big Short,” and “Seaspiracy,” I’ve concluded that humans aren’t good for the Earth. There, I’ve said it.

We’re all connected. The trees speak with each other through their roots and release oxygen into the atmosphere while soaking up carbon dioxide. The ocean produces over fifty percent of the air we breathe while also regulating the climate.

We need the oceans and the trees to stay alive. Yet, we’re so busy cutting down the forests and overfishing our seas that we’re slowly but surely killing our planet.  We manufacture things that poison our drinking water and kill people all to make money. Who is behind these atrocities? Man.

We are the most intelligent species on the planet. We can think critically and invent amazing things, but we do so recklessly. In the movies “Erin Brockovich” and “Dark Waters,” huge corporations were making products that poisoned the surrounding town’s water supply. Each company knew about the damage, but instead of halting production and cleaning it up, they covered it up and pretended it wasn’t there because it would eat away their profits.

In “Dark Waters,” Dupont invented Teflon, but found that working with the chemicals caused birth defects. They didn’t tell their employees and continued to allow them to work while pregnant which resulted in deformed children. Now we’re finding that our own government officials have made decisions that adversely affected their constituents. Look at what happened in Flint, MI.

We need to make some drastic changes. It makes me sick what we’re doing to the planet and to each other just to make some bank. We need better regulatory agencies and we need to hold corporations accountable for what they’re doing. It’s the only way future generations will have a place to live.

We also need to start cleaning up the mess we’ve created in the oceans. I’m holding the commercial fishing industry responsible for that one. I think each company should pay a tax each year and that money goes toward cleaning up the sea, and if they’re caught dumping waste into the ocean, they lose their fishing license for a certain amount of time. They must also pay a fine, and they must help in cleaning up the ocean while their fishing license is revoked.

I know it sounds harsh, but drastic changes are needed. What are your thoughts? What changes would you make to save our Earth?


I'm a Young Adult Author with two new series, "The Starlight Chronicles" and "The Super Spies." The first one's a coming of age series and the second one's a mystery/thriller series. I'm also the mother of two boys who keep me hopping and they're my inspiration for everything. When I'm not shuttling my boys to school or a play date, I'm writing. When I'm not writing, I'm reading, hiking, or sometimes running. I love anything chocolate and scary movies too.

17 thoughts on “There is No Planet B

  1. Some interesting thoughts! I think we need to spend our efforts in moulding the attitudes of the youngest children. Stop wasting money preaching to the oldies who accept the arguments but are still part of the problem generations who have done nothing. Focus on the kids and within a generation there will be a sea-change 😉 Wastage, dumping, polluting will then be as socially unacceptable as drink-driving and smoking is now amongst today’s youngsters.

    1. Yes it is. It’s also sad. I feel so bad for all the whales and turtles who get tangled in those fishing nets and die. It’s terrible. Thanks for stopping by, Arv! I appreciate it!

      1. I know, Lisa. Being vegetarian, it is even harder to understand why we kill animals when we have other things to consume.

    1. I agree, huge changes need to be made and we need to get all countries involved and on the same page. A huge undertaking for sure! Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts!

  2. I think change is already happening, starting with this pandemic. Love all your suggestions on taxing companies, but they need to take action and stop what they’re doing to Mother Earth. We breathe together as one. Let’s act like we do. Hugs and great post, Lisa!

  3. I stopped believing that we were the most intelligent species on the planet years ago, exactly because of the way we seem to be so determined to destroy the thing that sustains us.

  4. I couldn’t agree with you more.

    I’m trying to replace more of the meat in my diet with beans and other lower-carbon foods that have good protein contents.

    I’m also being diligent about not wasting food. If I buy it, I do everything I can to make sure someone in my household eats it.

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