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To Wear the Mask, that is the Question



Hello everyone, I hope all is well with you. I’m back today after spending a week at our cottage. I really needed to get out of Dodge because I’ve been stuck in the house and haven’t been able to visit friends. I do talk with them on the phone, but I miss seeing movies or getting together for lunch.

In Michigan our Governor has issued an executive order requiring everyone to wear masks in public places and at public gatherings. Many people are protesting this, and it upsets me.

I’ve heard from friends who have had this virus, and it is no joke. I worry about my kids getting it. At Torch Lake (where my In-Laws cottage is located) there is a sand bar where everyone gathers especially on the Fourth of July. Everyone parks their boats and swims. Some people bring grills and sell hamburgers and hotdogs. It’s a lot of fun. We’ve always avoided it on the Fourth because the crowd is huge, and people are drinking and that usually results in a few fights.


We avoided it again this year and we’re glad we did. One of the restaurants we love to go to had to close for a couple of days because someone tested positive for the virus and was a patron there without a mask. So, everyone who was there when that person was there must get tested for the virus. The restaurant closed to disinfect everything. I’m sure that was expensive.


I know it’s hard on these businesses that have had to close because of this virus, but I’ve heard from medical professionals that this is no joke, and it could have long lasting health effects if you get it. Don’t listen to the politicians. They’re far removed from this. Listen to the doctors and nurses who are dealing with it first hand. They don’t have an agenda, and they’re trying to keep everyone safe. I’m sure they would love to see their families again, too.


On social media, everyone is screaming that this directive is unconstitutional, and the Governor can’t force anyone to wear a mask, and this is probably true. But who cares? I certainly don’t, if it keeps my family and friends from getting sick, I’m all for it. So, wear the mask. Be considerate so other people can continue to be there for their families.

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If you’re struggling with the wear a mask in public issue because it’s uncomfortable, just think about how uncomfortable a ventilator is, and when you think about it in that context, I’m sure you’ll make the right decision and where the mask.


Medical Mask - Coronavirus - Free Photos

How about you? How do you feel about the mask issue? Leave a comment. I’d love to hear from you!




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30 thoughts on “To Wear the Mask, that is the Question

  1. Wearing a mask is a sure fire tool for reducing risk to yourself and others. We need as many tools as we can since there’s no antidote or vaccine.

  2. Honestly, Lisa, it’s just common sense. To wear a mask is like putting on an oxygen mask in an airplane. It drops, you put it on first, then put it on your loved one if they’re with you. Or you could die. Simple. It’s not much different when dealing with the pandemic. I shake my head at the ‘Covidiots’ out there not giving a crap about themselves or others. Thank goodness Canada is listening and crushing the curve. Hugs and stay safe, my friend!

    1. Thanks for stopping by and supporting me on this. I’m just amazed at the people who are turning this into a political issue. Most of these people claim that it’s the Governor’s way of putting people out of business, but why in the world would she want them to shut down? They aren’t that big of competitors to the big named businesses. I don’t get their thinking. You stay safe, Sharon and hugs right back at you!

  3. It is primarily in the US that people are raising questions about wearing masks and their freedom. In other countries, citizens are not creating such fuss. In a situation like this, masks offer protection for your own self. If you do get infected you pose a health hazard to the society. Therefore it’s not so much about the freedom. Only in Europe and the US people have been so casual about it. And we can see this in the number of infection cases.

    1. You are right on the money, Arv. It just makes sense to wear a mask and protect yourself and the ones you love. Especially since you can be a carrier for this virus without having any symptoms. I would feel horrible if someone got sick and died because I didn’t wear a mask and tested positive later. Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts,

  4. I agree that due to safety people should wear masks in public places and indoors (cafe, shops etc.) But in our country it went too far-wearing masks is mandatory even if you’re walking or hiking alone, and there’s absolutely no one around, or even when you go out of the city to lakes/forests/mountains. I think it’s wrong to wear the masks 24/7 and breathe your own carbon dioxide, not being able to breathe fresh air especially during the hot season. It’s one of those thing that is arguable even among doctors, some say that masks are even more dangerous, so I guess we should stick to the golden middle. Thanks for the blog, it was interesting to read. 🙏🏻

    1. Thanks for stopping by Ann Mary! I see your point. We haven’t gone so far as to say you need to wear a mask when you’re alone. I get that. I think that’s a little too extreme, but out in public where you’re around other people, I think wearing a mask is important for the safety of yourself and those around you. I agree with your points 100%! Thanks for stopping by!

    2. Are the case numbers high where you live? I think wearing a mask all the time probably has to do with the virus can live in the air up to however long. If you are hiking, you could possibly run into someone. As annoying as it is, I kinda get it and I WISH they were more stritcer here before the number sky rocket again or get worse. It may also has to do with society not listening, so government may be like ‘alright all you peeps who don’t want to listen at all to anything including simple rules like social distancing, we are going to enforce it to the extreme’ ….maybe? See here I’d be fine with less guidelines if people were more smart about things or even had common sense. The majority of the public here are still going to huge gatherings, hugging each other etc no masks on. People like that is the reason why the government feels like they have to babysit us to such extent and why the numbers are high again. YAY SOCIETY xD I feel you though, that is pretty strict and must be frustrating.

      1. Same here! And others of course…especially those with underlyning health problems, children and the elderly. 🙂 It is not just about us it is about protecting everyone. Like I could probably be fine if I got Covid, but that doesn’t mean those around me would be if they got it. I have people in my family, friends and work with people who have underlyning health problems and if they get COVID it will be life threatening. That is the way I try to look at this whole thing, and once we get selfish we are in trouble. I am so over people crying over masks, or being in quarantine and all that stuff, I am like THIS IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN YOUR SOCIAL LIFE AND BEING UNCOMFORTABLE FOR A BIT. :/ You know?

  5. Masks are also finally required here as well in all indoor public places, public gatherings and some outdoor places etc. Public places must refuse entry to people who choose not to wear a mask and you can be fined up to $500 for not wearing one in public basically. I am very thankful they finally made it a new thing because not only did I not feel safe at my job (I work in retail…grocery stock over night shift) but I thought it was stupid as hell customers would complain if we took our mask off for a split second because we sweat to death and honestly it can get very hard to breath without a break…they would be like one of your employees had their mask off blah blah blah…YET it was not mandatory for customers, yet it is for us? I honestly felt for sometime our work place cared more about protecting the customers than they did us. ‘It is now more important than ever that we protect our customers…wear a mask’ I am like cool, so why don’t they have to? lol. I rarely take my mask down at work, unless sometimes when the store is closed and I am in like an aisle by myself and it is only for like 30 seconds so I can breathe. lol. But yeah..of course we have customers who share their complaints about wearing masks now in the store and they thing it’s bs or whatever…I am like suck it up, imagine working over night when there is no air conditioning on and you are expected to pick up the same pace as when it is cool in the store. Like sure I just work some retail job, but my manager is very strict and he needs us to be able to stock 70-80 cases an hour (hopefully more if you can) or otherwise the job doesn’t get done. Our shift basically works like we cannot go home until the job is done, you can’t just sit down for 5 mins or milk the clock. It is fast paced and extremely hot. So no I don’t feel bad when people or a customer share their complaints about having to wear a mask for the length of their shopping trip or whatever. I honestly laugh quietly to myself when they share their complaints. xD

    1. We have the same mandate here. We need to wear a mask in public places or be fined $500.00. I believe the masks are necessary and I want to thank you for being an essential worker and wearing your mask. I appreciate it! ❤

      1. Yes, it’s good more places are enforcing the mask rule and I am glad it is enforced where you live as well! And thank you for your nice comments. 🙂 As scary as it is or was (especially when the numbers were very high here) I was thankful to still be employed while so many were unemployed and lost their jobs.

  6. I understand that people who have no symptoms can spread the deadly virus that I don’t want to catch. So sorry the information is not being spread enough so that more persons can understand how the masks help

    1. I agree. I don’t know why so many people are throwing a fit about it. Part of the problem is that we’re getting so many conflicting stories about the pandemic, but even so it is just common sense. Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts! I appreciate it!

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