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Kindness Matters


Hello everyone. I hope all is well with you. The holidays are upon us and I’ve had a busy weekend with Christmas shopping and decorating. Later tonight, we’re putting up our tree. So, I haven’t gotten much writing done. So, it begins…tis the season where I struggle to find time to write. It happens every year and this year is no different. Hopefully, I’ll find some time to do it. I do get a little cranky when I don’t get my writing time. 😉


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Anyway, enough about that. Today, I’d like to talk about kindness during the holiday season. I remember growing up, we would always spend Christmas Eve with my dad’s side of the family and Christmas Day with my Mom’s side of the family. I remember looking forward to those holidays with so much excitement. I loved getting together with my cousins and everyone was in such a good mood. I loved Christmas. I loved all of it, the food, the presents, and the high spirits. That’s what Christmas means to me, but it isn’t like that for everyone.

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I know many people have painful memories of Christmas. It’s a lonely time of year for them. There has been speculation that the suicide rate increases during the holiday season, but that has been debunked. In my research, I’ve found the suicide rate rises after the holiday season is over.  What this tells me is people can’t pull themselves out of that downward spiral that occurs during Christmas. So, it’s more important than ever to be kind to our co-workers and people we meet along the way. You never know what people are going through.

Kindness does matter, even if our acts seem to go unnoticed, they are not. They’re felt by the people we touch and they’re able to pass that kindness on. It’s the ripple effect, and it does exist.

I know the holidays are about family, but for many people, their family is the problem. They may have toxic relationships inside their family that they can’t change. If you know anybody like this, extend an invitation to them to spend part of the holidays with you. So, they can find a safe place to decompress if they need to from the toxicity of their own environments.

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So, please be kind to everyone you meet. You never know when you might be the person to turn someone’s day around.

Thanks for stopping by and reading my post. I hope the holidays don’t have you frazzled. Do you have memories of someone’s kindness to you? Leave a comment! I’d love to hear from you!


I'm a Young Adult Author with two new series, "The Starlight Chronicles" and "The Super Spies." The first one's a coming of age series and the second one's a mystery/thriller series. I'm also the mother of two boys who keep me hopping and they're my inspiration for everything. When I'm not shuttling my boys to school or a play date, I'm writing. When I'm not writing, I'm reading, hiking, or sometimes running. I love anything chocolate and scary movies too.

12 thoughts on “Kindness Matters

  1. Kindness most certainly matters!!!! Love this reminder!
    Christmas is such a ‘stressful’ time of year for most, and it really doesn’t have to be. I often find myself wishing we could go back to a time when life was simple… but then I wouldn’t have access to technology and making wonderful new friends!!!
    I remember a Christmas a few years ago, where although I had somewhere to go for Christmas Day, I had no money for gifts for my kids, and our cupboards were almost bare. I hadn’t actually told anyone. A good friend of mine popped in for coffee – I didn’t say anything to her either. But she’s always very aware of her surroundings, and I guess she noticed things weren’t right. Her and her husband arrived at my house the next evening, with six bags of groceries and beautifully wrapped gifts for my children (labelled from me!!). I still can’t afford much… but their kindness was a catalyst for me paying it forward. And now every Christmas I find someone I can bless with something small to fulfill their need 😉
    And that’s why kindness matter SO MUCH!

    1. I love hearing stories like this!! I’m so thankful for your friend and her kindness. You just showed me and everyone else who stops by that kindness does make a huge difference in people’s lives. Thanks for sharing your story with us. 🙂

  2. I adored this post.

    I’m one of those people dealing with a toxic extended family. All of my safe relatives live very far away, so it makes me incredibly happy when people invite me to holiday stuff at this time of year. That is the sort of kindness that people carry with them for years after the actual dinner/party/event ends. ❤

    1. I agree, Lydia! I hope someone has invited you to their home for the holidays. If you lived near me, I’d invite you to mine. I hope you have an amazing Christmas. ❤ Thanks for stopping my and sharing your thoughts with us. ((Hugs))

  3. Wonderful, timely post, Lisa! Just saw the movie ‘Christmas Jars’ and it amplifies what you’re saying in this post perfectly. Happy Holidays to you and your family, my friend! Cheers!

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