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My thoughts on “Dirty Money”


Hello everyone, I hope all is well with you. I’m back today after a busy week. I don’t know about you, but it seems to me life is getting busier and busier, and there aren’t enough hours in the day. I’ve made progress on my writing as well. I’ve completed the edits on one of my manuscripts and I’m super excited about this story. It’s coming together and it has evolved into such an amazing story. It’s my best work yet!



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But enough about that, today I’d like to talk about a series I found on Netflix. It’ called “Dirty Money” and it was eye opening to say the least. There are six episodes and each one illustrates the level of corruption in our world and the corruption is global.

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The first one caught my attention. It’s the story about how Volkswagen lied to consumers by stating they had anti-pollution devices installed on the VW Bug, when in fact they did not. The devices were actually disabled after they were tested in the factory by management.  They got caught, but no one went to jail.

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Another documentary in this same series that caught my attention is the story on how the bank HSBC laundered money for the drug cartels. It goes on to illustrate how high ranking bank officials knew it was happening but did nothing to stop it.

This makes the war on drugs a huge joke.

I don’t want to say too much about the actual stories because I don’t want to ruin it for everyone, but when you watch the series you’ll find a common theme throughout. The unbridled greed of corporate leaders and the lengths they’ll go to get those billions of dollars.

In the series, you’ll find very few people actually went to prison after getting caught. Out of the six episodes, there are only two instances of jail time. That’s horrible.

The one about Scott Tucker who was actually sentenced to sixteen years in prison after his payday scheme was discovered, shows the delusional thinking of corporate leaders.  It’s staggering.

Just a heads up. The last episode is on Trump. 🙂

Below is the link to the trailer. You’ll want to watch this series. Trust me.




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20 thoughts on “My thoughts on “Dirty Money”

  1. Not at all surprised! I almost don’t want to watch, because it just makes me angry. And, my anger isn’t doing anything but spreading negative energy. Unfortunately, there aren’t many (if any) uncorrupt establishments anymore. Power and money are irresistible. I just focus on sending love out into the world, working within my own sphere of influence. If we all do the same, we will eventually reach a tipping point. Love will win out over greed, hate, and fear!

    1. You are so right! I’m hoping that if enough people know about all of this, we’ll be able to do something about it. However, I do like your solution, too! Hopefully it works!

  2. The banking one really makes my blood boil. Well, within reason. Not only do banks often get away with it, but the guys at the top (and it’s always a guy isn’t it!) receive huge bonuses. And us humble folk at the bottom are getting virtually 0% interest on our savings. (Well in Europe at any rate).

    1. It’s the same here in the US. It’s unbridled greed and I’m with you. It makes me angry. The banks pay fines when they get caught, but they just work that into their expenses so they’re covered. We need to revamp the whole system, but I’m not sure how to do it.

    1. It’s eye-opening, Claire. By the way, did you know one of the names of one of my main character in my latest WIP is Claire? I love the name. It’s so clear and strong. At least that’s what I think when I hear the name. 🙂

    1. Our whole family watched “Stranger Things.” It was a great show. I loved it. 🙂 This series is a documentary and it shows the amount of corruption there is in the corporate world. It makes me angry.

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