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What’s in Your Water?


Hello everyone. I hope all is well with you. I’m back today after writing a new beginning for my latest WIP. It’s made the story stronger which makes me happy. 🙂

Now to finish it. I’m hoping it won’t take me too much longer. I like this story just like my last one.

Well. Enough about that. We had an interesting week this week. Our community has learned our water supply may be in danger due to the fact a company I shall not name used the surrounding area as a dump for the chemicals they used in tanning the leather used in their shoes.

Photo credit: dantelecan via Visualhunt / CC BY-NC-SA

The middle school my sons attend is near one of the dumpsites and this company has started providing bottled water for the school until the results of the water tests come in.

A few days later we learned there were other dump sites within the community. So we’re all worried about our water now.

Photo via VisualHunt

This is just another example of corporate greed and further evidence that supports a theory I have. We are going to end up killing ourselves if we don’t stop this kind of behavior.

Look at the Flint water crisis. According to sources they still don’t have viable drinking water. At least this company is taking responsibility and trying to correct the problem, but many companies don’t they deny…deny…deny until the evidence is overwhelming.

I know it’s cheaper for corporations to cut corners and work around some of our environmental restrictions, but if it’s bad for our environment, it’s bad for us. Those restrictions are there for a reason.

Photo credit: Images George Rex via Visual Hunt / CC BY-NC-SA

I also know that countries like China and Japan don’t have the restrictions we do. They aren’t as concerned about the environment as we are, but they should be. This is the reason they can produce products less expensively than we can.

Photo via Visualhunt

We need to set up a global environmental protection agency. Set up a protocol we can all live with. I know corruption will still go on, but maybe it’ll be a little bit better if everyone’s playing by the same rules.

We need to make sure we leave a planet our future generations can survive on. I’m worried about the mess we’re leaving behind for our kids. I want to make the world a better place for them, don’t you?

Thanks for stopping by and reading my post today. Do you have any ideas on how to make the world a better place? Leave a comment. I’d love to hear from you!



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38 thoughts on “What’s in Your Water?

  1. Unfortunately humans have such a short term view when it comes to water. Be it supply or quality. Money and expansion of commerce always takes precedence over what might be left behind for future generations.

  2. It’s such s worrying thing about what the world will be like for future generations. So sorry your having to go through all of this I can imagine its been quite a challenging time. Hopefully the tests will all come back hear for you and your community

  3. I hope you and your community get good news about your water. I’d like to think that corporations are made up of people like us, but I’m not too sure about this.

    Thanks for sharing this post!

    1. You’re welcome. I’ve been learning more and more that many CEO’s have psychopathic tendencies which could explain some of this, but I also know that many of them have altruistic tendencies as well. Maybe we should require all CEO’s to take personality tests before they can run a corporation…I don’t know.

  4. I feel Japan do take environment more seriously. China and India are a different story. The problem with developing countries is that most people and agencies don’t have exposure and resources for dealing with such issues. Yes it does cost money to put in process to deal with it in environmentally friendly manner.

    1. I wasn’t aware Japan did that. Thanks for the heads up. You’ve got a good point about developing countries not having the resources. All the more reason to set up some sort of agency that can help educate them and then hopefully we can turn this trend around.

  5. You are so in tune with my own thinking on these matters. I could rant for hours on a plethora of issues relating to the environment and corporate greed…and general social behaviour that contributes to plastic dumping en masse. I see a lot of “There’s a bin, but I can’t be bothered to walk to it” going on here. Drives me mad. Seems to be an SEP field everywhere these days. (Someone Else’s Problem). We need to do something yes, but at the same time society needs to grow up and take on some of the solution; Stop buying use once throw away crap, stop littering, maybe pick up a piece of someone else’s rubbish and bin it instead of walking on by, make use of recycling centres, #soapbox I should co-write with you on this topic!!!!

    1. Definitely, Gary! Maybe we should get a blog hop going and everyone could write something about this situation on their blogs? I know it’s not going to solve the problem, but spreading awareness is a step in the right direction. Don’t you think?

      1. That is an excellent idea. I see blogging as an awareness tool. Also the sharing platform can throw it outwards as well. Its’ also on trend with things like ocean rescue too. I think it might work quite well and there would be more than a few bloggers up for it

      1. Definitely up for that Lisa, obviously I might struggle with time if I lose November in NaNo, but a firm plan would be excellent. And it would be nice to have another line of posts that are important and relative to global awareness.

  6. I hear about water concerns more and more these day, which I guess is a good thing – in a way. One of the local elementary schools in our neighboring city has cited three young students and two teachers with brain cancer (one has already passed away). No one in the city (minus the school board members and the planning committee) knew that the newer elementary school was built on a 3M dumpsite. A hockey arena is slated to be built on the same exact site. How can they do this? I really hope there is some kind of legal action brought forth. You are right! There should be some sort of protocol in place to protect people. I hope your water ends up being safe to use.

    1. Thank you! I do, too. I’m sorry to hear about your elementary school. We’ve got a school that has a cancer cluster as well. Quite a few teachers and employees have gotten some form of it over the years and it’s too many to be a coincidence (my opinon). A local firm is setting up a meeting this weekend and I have a feeling they’re going to bright forth a class action suit against the company. We shall see what happens.

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