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Tweeters Behaving Badly


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Hello everyone! I hope all is well with you! I’m back with another Slice of Life post and today I want to talk about Cyber-bullying.


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This week i learned that two of my Twitter pals were being bullied on Twitter. (They don’t follow each other or know each other). It upset me. Why would anyone take the time to harass someone on social media? It doesn’t make sense.

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One of my friends received personal attacks, taunting her. Telling her she was fat and she should kill herself. This blows my mind and makes me angry. This is all because she doesn’t support Trump. Is this what our political process has become?

If someone voices an opinion that you don’t agree with, then ignore them. Why do people feel the need to engage in such a hateful manner? What are they trying to accomplish?

The awesome thing about social media is that you can engage with people from around the world. It’s a great tool. It’s not to be used as a way to bully people. My friend happens to be strong and was able to handle this negative crap. But what if she were emotionally fragile at the time these tweets started coming her way? What if she really did try to kill herself?

My other friend has someone who’s spreading lies about her. Who has time for this? And what is their motive? This girl is an up and coming author, she isn’t a threat in any way. The only thing she can do is ignore these tweets and report this behavior to Twitter.

In our public school system we’re trying to teach anti-bullying tactics. How are our kids supposed to learn these behaviors if they see adults behaving this way?

Now more than ever we need to be kind to each other. This type of behavior is getting way out of hand. Let’s start a ripple effect in the direction of kindness. Let’s see if we can be the change we want to see in the world.

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If you’ve ever been bullied by someone on social media, how did you handle it? I’d love to hear from you! Leave a comment!



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30 thoughts on “Tweeters Behaving Badly

  1. Oh my goodness! That’s crazy! I don’t understand either. I’m so sorry this happened to your friends.
    Unfortunately, there is a presidential candidate in your country who has been behaving like this for years on TV and in the media. I don’t understand that either. It’s sad.

  2. Oh, this is awful. I am sad for your friends, although it seems that they are dealing with it in an appropriate way. Any time we don’t speak up about bullying, it wins. So good for them. I agree with you that we should always choose kindness.

    1. I hear you, Erik. I’d love to start some sort of Kindness movement on Twitter or something like that to start a positive ripple that drowns out these people’s negative one. 🙂 I’m thinking on that. If you have any ideas, let me know. 🙂

  3. Oh wow! Such sad news. I haven’t ever experienced cyber-bullying but I have read many stories from those that have been on the receiving end. I don’t understand why a person feels the need or desire to harm another person. It’s the same as all this online- shaming. I think people feel they can hide behind a screen and say whatever they feel like. But those words are hurtful. Thank you for writing this post about a serious issue. As adults, we need to pick kindness over hateful words.

    1. I agree, Rosie. I feel it’s getting worse out in the world and I’m concerned about what kind of environment we’re creating for our kids. I want their lives to be filled with as much joy as possible. I know there has to be a little rain for everyone, but this type of behavior has to stop.

  4. Truth! The distance, anonymity, and the “protection” of social media makes it perfect for those who use it to bully. These people are unreachable and untouchable. They can just walk away from the “conversation” and never know the consequences of their words. Twitter’s, etc. instantaneous nature doesn’t allow the bullies to feel much shame or remorse for their comments, assuming they have the capacity to empathize. in the first place.

    1. I know, Marilyn! Isn’t it sad? I want the world to be a better place for my kids, but this social media bullying is scary. I’m grateful my friend was strong enough that these comments didn’t hurt her, but what if she hadn’t been? What if she were at a low point in her life? It makes me angry just thinking about it. 🙂 I think we need to start some sort of kindness movement. Don’t you? Maybe we can get something trending on Twitter? What are your thoughts?

      1. Maybe I’ll just start tweeting some famous and not-so-famous quotes on civility and courtesy, or just “Be nice, people.” I don’t do Twitter that much, but maybe I should start here.

  5. As an educator and a Mama with an 11 year old, I feel like I have to be using social media. And my 11 year old has access to my Instagram account so he can see how to share your story and how to share kindness on social media. I’m hoping I’m doing my part to release the next generation of social media users into kind, positive, thoughtful users. It’s really been on my heart this summer. I offer prayers of peace for your friends-that they may have a more peaceful week and that things will become more positive for them.

    1. Thanks so much, Kendra! I feel teachers have an awesome opportunity to teach “good citizenship” on social media, but they get such mixed messages from other adults in their lives. This is where we need to make the change. Bless you for your efforts! They’re greatly appreciated! 🙂

  6. I am sorry that your friend had this experience. No matter how strong one is these kind of comments hurt. How hard it is to think before posting? How hard it is to choose kindness?

    1. I know, Terje! It really bothers me. The thing is, it’s not hard, but people are choosing to be hateful and I don’t know what the reward is for that. They’re getting something out of it or they wouldn’t be doing it. We just have to take the reward away. It must make them feel empowered to act that way. So the best reaction is to ignore them, but sometimes that’s hard to do. Sorry, I rambled a bit on my response. 🙂 I’m thinking and typing at the same time. LOL!

  7. I’m very sorry to read about your friends’ experiences, though unfortunately, not surprised. It’s so sad that people invest their time and energy in trying to hurt others. I don’t understand the motivation and can only think that really it’s about them, not about the recipient. But when you’re the recipient, I imagine that’s small comfort.

    1. You’re right, but when you’re the recipient of the behavior it’s really hard to tell yourself not to take it personally. I’m just so thankful she’s in a good place right now. It’d be horrible if she weren’t and this happened. Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. I appreciate it. 🙂

  8. Scary stuff! I think spreading kindness and connection is the key. Thanks for calling attention to such a terrible situation!

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