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“The Secret Life of Walter Mitty”


Hello everyone, I hope all is well with you. I’m back today with something a little lighter than my previous posts these last few weeks.  Something a little more fun. 🙂


I’ve got a movie review for you. Yes, I’ve watched this movie many times (I’m actually watching it now as I write this post) and it’s one of those funny, with a deeper message movies. I fell in love with the main character and I’m sure you will, too.


The movie is “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.” It came out in 2013 and I just got around to watching it last year. I’m not sure why, probably because I was busy writing. Anyway, the blurb is below.


Walter Mitty (Ben Stiller), an employee at Life magazine, spends day after monotonous day developing photos for the publication. To escape the tedium, Walter inhabits a world of exciting daydreams in which he is the undeniable hero. Walter fancies a fellow employee named Cheryl (Kristen Wiig) and would love to date her, but he feels unworthy. However, he gets a chance to have a real adventure when Life’s new owners send him on a mission to obtain the perfect photo for the final print issue.


The reason I love this movie so much is because Walter (the main character) is kind of the underdog. He’s a nice guy that puts aside his dreams to help his family out when his father dies and he continues in this vein all his life.

In the movie Walter is a grown man and he’s a negative asset manager for Life Magazine. He’s kind and gentle. So when the company decides to transition from a paper magazine to an online magazine, he’s not prepared to handle the bully who’s responsible for managing the transition.

It’s a great story and it illustrates the underdog does win sometimes. One of my most favorite themes in life. It’s a good movie to watch with your family and Ben Stiller does an excellent job. I highly recommend it. How about you? Have you seen any good movies you’d recommend? Leave a comment. I’d love to hear from you!