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Please Welcome Felicia Rogers and her New Release!

Hello everyone, I hope all is well with you! I’ve got Felicia Rogers here today and she’s sharing her new release with us. Check it out!

The Key, Secret Defenders, Book 1

The Key smallEveryone else has fun in high school, but not Maddie Clevenger, the senior year’s dork. Orphaned and living with her grandmother in the nowhere town of Coal Creek, she keeps her head down, her hair over her eyes, and herself as far away from the cheerleaders as possible… until she bumps into the cute new guy and he literally sends an electrical shock up her arm. Is it possible for a dork to fall in love at first jolt?

Air Force brat Chase Donovan has moved from town to town forever, but now Dad’s retired and promising they’ll stay put for a while, so maybe he can get to know some of the Coal Creek girls. He couldn’t care less about the cheerleaders, but there’s something so vulnerable about Maddie, the shy girl with the beautiful jade eyes. Chase just knows taking care of her is his calling in life… but when bizarre, murderous flying monsters begin stalking her, he wonders if he is the key to solving her problem, and what it will cost him to protect her.

Available on Sept. 30th!



“What’s wrong with you?” asked Stephanie.

Marley lifted her shaky finger. “Th-that ain’t natural.”

Maddie gritted her teeth. It wasn’t natural that someone would want to walk with her? Oh, one of these days Stephanie and her crew would go too far. Stephanie stared at Chase and Maddie as they passed by. “What’s happening this week? Is it the coming of the apocalypse or something?”

That’s him,” whispered Marley, loud enough for everyone in the room to hear.

“Him, who?”

“The other new guy.” Stephanie groaned.

Maddie would’ve smiled if she hadn’t been distracted, but Dougal sat in her seat again. She stiffened as she prepared to approach.

Maybe Chase sensed her discomfort, because he leaned down and whispered in her ear, his cool breath tickling her neck and sending shivers along her spine. “Is that your seat?” She nodded. “Do you want me to say something?”

Grateful, she shook her head.


The Key, Secret Defenders, is a contemporary YA paranormal romance.

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Here’s the author Felicia Rogers!

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