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Ten Things I would Tell Teens

Hello everyone, I hope all is well with you! It’s the beginning of a new school year and along with the excitement, everyone experiences a little anxiety. Therefore, I’ve compiled a list of ten things that I’d tell teens about the new school year and life in general. Here they are:

  1. Don’t sweat the small stuff. This is important because sometimes we may focus on the wrong thing. So ask yourself: If I found out I was going to die tomorrow, would this particular issue be important? If the answer is No, then let it go.

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  1. You’ll experience many emotions during the tumultuous time. Some of them you may be experiencing for the first time. I have news for you; you’ll be feeling all of these feelings again at some point in your life. It’s your job to learn how to handle them. So work on that and be patient with yourself.
  1. Follow your heart. If it doesn’t feel right that’s your sixth sense telling you something. Listen to it. Whenever, I’ve ignored my intuition, I’ve regretted it. Remember, my motto is live without regret.
  1. Take care of your body. This is important. You need to learn good habits now because it’s later in life when issues arise from poor eating habits and lack of exercise. An example would be cancer.

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  1. Be kind. You don’t know what struggles others are dealing with, it might be your kindness that turns their day around.
  1. Avoid people who cause you pain. This was hard for me because I believe we need to be kind to everyone, but a good friend gave me this analogy and I believe it to be a great way of explaining this. You wouldn’t go up to a rattlesnake and give it a big hug, because you know it’s their nature to strike. This applies to people as well.


  1. Strive to do your best. Try to make each day better than the one before it.


  1. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. You learn more from your mistakes than you do your successes.
  1. Learn from your mistakes. Don’t keep repeating them.
  1. Find the joy in ordinary things. This will truly make life extraordinary.


Thanks for stopping by my blog and checking out my post! What is some advice you’d leave teens? Leave a note in the comment section, I’d love to hear from you!


I'm a Young Adult Author with two new series, "The Starlight Chronicles" and "The Super Spies." The first one's a coming of age series and the second one's a mystery/thriller series. I'm also the mother of two boys who keep me hopping and they're my inspiration for everything. When I'm not shuttling my boys to school or a play date, I'm writing. When I'm not writing, I'm reading, hiking, or sometimes running. I love anything chocolate and scary movies too.

12 thoughts on “Ten Things I would Tell Teens

  1. Wonderful list, Lisa! You’ve hit the nail on everyone one. I’ve learned that life is too short, so do what you love, what makes you happy. Cheers!

  2. I have a feeling you can handle it, Erik. I get the feeling that you have a strong support system. (Parents, Extended Family, and friends). If you’re having issues talk to them. Especially your parents they’ve been through these things before. 🙂

  3. You covered such good things here. I like the rattlesnake analogy. It is so easy to sweat the small stuff–even for adults. I read a great post from a fellow blogger recently and she had a health scare that made her put things in perspective. She puts whatever she’s struggling with up against that moment, like “I couldn’t find a parking space vs I almost died.” Or “My friend made fun of me in front of the girl I like vs I almost died.” For whatever reason the idea of gaining perspective in this way seemed useful. She also pointed out that, to date, we’ve all lived through our worst days. That gives me a bit of courage–it’s true we’ve all had bad days, and teens will too. But we’re gonna get through it together.

    1. You’re so right , Angela! Perspective is so important. Whenever I get upset about something, I ask myself, “If you just found out you had cancer would you care about this situation?” And the answer is always no. 🙂

  4. Great advice Lisa. I’ve sent privately to two special young boys in my life. Except I’m not there to make sure they read it 😂
    I’ll phone them later & quiz them on it!

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