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Ask Away Friday with Mrs. Tee!


Hello everyone, I hope all is well with you! Today I’m working with Mrs. Tee on Ask Away Friday. 🙂 She sent me these questions to answer and I sent her some questions that I’d like her to answer and we’re posting this information on our respective blogs. So below are her questions with my answers and her’s are available here!


You list The Nancy Drew series as one of your first encounters with mysteries. I use to read every one…I know this may be hard but what was your favorite one?

Ohh. Hard question. I would have to say “The Secret of the Old Clock” mainly because that’s the only one that I remember.


As an avid reader and lover of books I can’t wait to introduce some of my favorites to my Kiddies. What books have you shared with your children from your own childhood?

I have two boys and they’re nine and seven. So, I’m still working on them, but some of the ones I’ve shared are Hardy Boys, The Boxcar Children, and Encyclopedia Brown. They’re interested in my books though, so when they get a little older I’m sure they’ll be reading the Super Spies.


Do you see any signs of your writing skills in your children?

My youngest seems to enjoy creating stories. When he was home sick one day from school, he wrote a thirty two page story about Tornadoes. I was pretty impressed. 🙂


When you have a day just for YOU what is your favorite thing to do?


Pick 3 words to describe yourself that start with these letters: S, P and L.

S is for spontaneous. I love to be spontaneous and just pick up and go sometimes!

P is for perfectionist. I can be a perfectionist in my writing.

L is for Laughter. I love to laugh and have fun, especially with my boys.



If you could meet any author in the world (living or deceased) who would it be and why?

It would be a toss-up between Harper Lee and Stephen King. Harper Lee because I’d love to find out why she only published one book. And Stephen King because I’d love to find out where he gets his ideas from.

Would you rather …

Receive $10,000 in Cash or Gift Cards?

$10,000 in cash

Would you rather…

Have a rewind or pause button for your life?

Hmmm…good question. Probably pause, so I could push it when I need to slow down and make a major decision.

Thanks for reading my post today! Don’t forget to stop by Mrs. Tee’s and check out her answers to the questions I gave her!

Here’s the link!