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Middle Shelf: An Awesome E-zine that’s all about Middle Grade Fiction

Hello everyone, I hope all is well with you. I’ve got something short and sweet for you today. I’m here to give Middle Shelf E-zine a shout out. What’s so special about Middle Shelf? It’s an E-zine that specializes in Middle Grade Fiction.

Middle Shelf is a digital-only magazine that features the best books for middle grade readers. Each issue includes author interviews, reviews, and excerpts of top middle grade fiction.

It’s an extension of the larger E-zine titled Shelf Unbound which reviews books for readers. So if you’re looking for a great read for your middle grader, check out Middle Shelf. The subscriptions are free. 🙂

Here’s the link!

It just so happens that the Emblazoners have an ad in this month’s issue! To find out more about the Emblazoners, which I’m a member of, click here!

To sign up for our catalog, click here!

That’s all for today, thanks for stopping by and if you have any great middle grade reads that you’ve read, please share the title! I’d love to hear about them!