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Check out the New Release “Eternal Immortality”

Hello Everyone! I hope all is well with you! I’ve got a hot new release for you today! It’s a story written by Ella Meddler and K.S. Haigwood! It looks like an awesome read! Check it out!

Eclipse poster Eternal Immortality

Book 2 in the Eternal Series

Eternal Island is heaven on Earth. Love blossoms between witches and vampires, and none are happier than the King and Queen. Shortly after the wedding, the party is interrupted by a desolate plea. A man is in trouble, and soon an army is sent to his rescue — but is he who he claims to be?

Unbeknown to Abe and Ariana, a cauldron of trouble bubbles to the surface and terrible things begin to happen to innocent islanders. Dodging love triangles and intrigue, could the young Queen find the strength necessary to save her kingdom and the world, too? When the King begins to crumble and evil has won, would pure love be enough to save the whole of humanity from destruction?

Read this story with a Tiger’s Eye stone in one hand and a strong faith in your heart. Cross your fingers and toes and hope for a miracle on Evil’s finest winning day.


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