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Let’s Thank our Troops

Hello Everyone! I hope all is well with you! The post today is short and sweet but it does come from the heart. 🙂  The Christmas season is upon us and it’s my favorite holiday! Even though the holidays are stressful, I love giving gifts and sending cards. The spirit of giving during this time of year is wonderful and it does a person good.

I see this spirit everywhere in the community, the Toys for Tots program, the Salvation Army, and even the schools are getting involved in giving to those who are in need.

This is one thing that I really love about the United States. I wouldn’t want to live in any other country. I know we have our problems, but let’s face it…it’s the best country to live in…especially for women.

I base the above comment on a book that I read a few years ago. I read it in one day. It’s a fictional story, but I believe the description of life for women in that country is accurate. I also feel the political unrest portrayed in the book is true to life. The book I’m talking about is titled “The Kite Runner”. I highly recommend it. It’s an eye opening experience and it made me appreciate the country where I reside.

To check out this book click on the link below:

So, now that the Christmas season is here and we’re thankful for all we have. Let’s remember the troops that keep our way of life safe for us. And even though we have problems, they are nothing compared to what the people in other countries suffer.

So take a moment and send a Thank you Note or a Christmas card to the troops who are stationed in Afghanistan. Here’s a link that will explain how to do that. 🙂

The link above allows you to send our troops a Thank you e-mail. They also ask for a donation…but if you can’t spare a few dollars…don’t worry about it. The thank you message should be enough. 🙂

If you’d like to send a physical card or letter, you can drop it off at your local Red Cross location and they will send it for you.

Thanks for taking the time to read my post and if you could take a few minutes and send a thank you e-mail it would be greatly appreciated. The troops overseas won’t be able to see their families this Christmas…because they’re busy keeping our way of life safe for us. So send them a quick note! They’ll appreciate it!